To produce our high quality ice which is as pure as any bottled water, we carbon and triple filter our water to ensure all contaminants are removed. The ice is produced in "Tube Ice" machines, the most cost effective, hygienic and reliable production system. As our ice is larger than other competitors, (1 1/8 '' in diameter) it is the longest lasting therefore most cost effective ice in the market. Glacier Ice takes our ice production very seriously to deliver the cleanest and safest ice possible.



Our range consists of 5kg, 10kg and jumbo 15kg bags to ensure we cover everyone's ice needs.


Depending on your needs, we can supply freezers that hold 35 bags of standard 5kg ice all the way up to our largest double door stand-alone freezers, which can hold upward of 270 standard bags.

Our new freezers incorporate the latest in freezer technology to ensure the most efficient, hygienic and cost effective storage solution for your ice. Most importantly they will simply plug into your standard 10 amp power points; which means no costly electrician bills!


Being an extremely competitive industry, price is negotiable and we are very happy to give direct quotes over the phone. Prices do vary across the industry and we encourage you to shop around to find the best deal for you and your business' individual ice requirements.


At Glacier Ice, we pride our self on our service and reliability which we feel we have an edge over our competitors. Our more customised and personal service ensures your ice will always be on hand or just around the corner no matter in the peak times or the low times of the year!